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Alpha wisdom polytechnic began in the mind of Rev. Dr. PROVIDE SONIME when he witnessed a recruitment exercise carried out by PPMC/NNPC Port Harcourt opposite Okrika Local Government council incidently around the vicinity of his house in 1999. He observed that nearly all that were recruited that day were unskilled labour, in his words “when the interviewer asked how many had certificates of any kind about two or three responded, when he asked for skilled labour few responded and finally when he called for unskilled labour all of them put up their hands to be signed up.

His empathy for these people on how life had short changed them led him to seek permission from the Rivers state government to establish a Self Help Improvement program (SHIP) which was later changed to Resource Training Institute (RTI) to provide vocational training. The institution ran for a short while and met its untimely end at the hands of militants.

When he relocated to ondo state with his family the vision revived in him, to establish a technical school at secondary level in 2009, but after two years of erecting structures for the same the vision became broader to establish a private polytechnic to serve a greater purpose so he built for a polytechnic instead. He started the process of establishing a polytechnic with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in 2016. He owes this feet of accomplishment to God and his family members that worked tirelessly to ensure that the vision is accomplished.


Rev. Dr. Provide Sonime (Phd)


Mr. Provide Emmanuel (MA, B.Sc.)


Mr. Peter Asukwo


Mrs. Hope Nnamani (MBA, B.Sc.)

Director of Finance (Burser)